Artist Jose Santana

Come step inside

Artists Statement

During my early childhood in Santa Anita, Jalisco, Mexico, I learned a lot about art through the intricate needlework the women in my family created. My father was a migrant worker in the US, and during his long absences I had the opportunity to help the women, which was culturally not acceptable for a boy. I also always loved art in school. My own emigration to the USA at age eleven lead to the loss of my family, culture and language. I focused on art a s a way of communicating my thoughts and feelings without words.

I discovered metal work one day at Cabrillo College in Aptos, when I visited the Jewelry Department where Lynda Watson and Marcia Lewis taught. I felt my calling and fell in love with metal work. Both Lynda and Marcia were excellent teachers and recommended San Diego State University for my career in metal work. Arlene Fisch and Helen Shirk, my outstanding teachers at San Diego State University later helped me to express my ideas through precise techniques in metal and enamel. I received my BA degree in Metal Arts from San Diego State University.
In metal work I found my way of bringing elements together: I can combine the softness and liveliness of natural images, textures and feelings with hard, laborious, precise craftsmanship through hammer and heat.

During my travels to Europe and Mexico I have found many inspirations and ideas for my work. In Barcelona Gaudi’s architectural sites had a profound impression on me. In this beautiful city I also had the opportunity to interview Ramon Puigi from Massana Institute for the Wita Gardner Gallery. Through art I feel a connection that knows no frontiers or language gaps. Art is my access to the World Soul.

Jose Constantino Santana


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